Support Strings Music Festival and you’re helping to bring world-renowned performers, rich educational programs, and diverse cultural experiences to our community.

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2020 will mark our 33rd year, adding to our list of more than 60 Grammy winners who have performed here, along with musicians from all 25 of the nation’s top orchestras. Our diverse music continues through all seasons, offering holiday favorites, chart-topping artists, national touring acts, and more. Tickets are on sale now! Strings offers more than 75 free events, serving listeners of all ages in 3 counties. Find us at Yampa River Botanic Park, schools, and other community venues. Our unique music and arts education program serves 14 schools and more than 3,000 kindergarten through high school students each year, all at no cost to the schools.

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Ticket sales only cover 34% of our operating costs. We reply on the support of generous individuals, organizations, and companies plus countless volunteers to continue offering the array of services we bring to the Yampa Valley.