Strings aims for students to cultivate an understanding of diverse cultures, increase critical thinking skills and develop broad worldview.

Strings School Days is a unique music and arts education program provided by Strings Music Festival at no cost to schools, students, or teachers. Annually, the program serves over 3,000 K-12 students in 14 schools throughout the Yampa Valley. 

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Strings presents band and choir residencies, and off site assembly professional partnership programs

Strings School Days

elementary school program

At Strings, we believe that the arts can enhance the life of every person, at every age to make the world a better place.

  • Strings provides music and arts access and opportunities to students in the Yampa Valley.
  • No other organization in the area can provide the programming Strings offers.
  • Kids who appreciate music have a broader world view and are more well-rounded overall.
  • Well-rounded students become well-rounded adults.
  • Well-rounded adults are thoughtful contributors to society and make the world a better place.

k-5 Field Trips

Elementary school students experience a live performance in a professional hall, an experience that isn’t available anywhere else in the Yampa Valley. For some, this is their first concert or theatre performance.

Students attend field trips at the Strings Pavilion to watch professional performances. Ahead of their visit, each student receives a study guide that aligns with Common Core and state standards, assists teachers in incorporating field trips into curriculum, and aides students in thinking critically about their experience.

Past performances include Sonia de los Santos, Mexico Beyond Mariachi, the Okee Dokee Brothers, Justin Roberts, Doktor Kaboom, Jarabe Mexicano, and Mad River Theater Works

If you are a music teacher interested in becoming an Education Partner with Strings Music Festival, email [email protected]. We look forward to making music with you!