Musical Scavenger Hunt

A walking adventure for all ages in downtown Steamboat Springs

Take your family on a musical scavenger hunt through downtown Steamboat Springs: this walking adventure features trivia challenges highlighting many special places you’ll find only in our unique town. The first 200 to complete the course receive a free kiddie-size ice cream courtesy Lyon’s Corner Drug & Soda Fountain.

Play at your own pace, learning local intel on several historic spots. Once you hit each spot, answer the trivia questions and listen to the locale-inspired music before moving on. Stop for snacks, beverages, and restroom breaks as you make your way through downtown. Once you complete the hunt, enjoy your reward!

Details: This activity includes walking approximately two-miles around downtown Steamboat Springs. We do not recommend using a bicycle: walking will allow you to keep an eye on the app’s compass directions. The hunt itself takes approximately 1 ½ to 2 ½ hours, depending upon your group’s speed and interest in the musical and heritage trivia questions. Park for free on 12th Street (no limitation) or in a three-hour spot on Yampa Street during play.

SAFETY: PLEASE STAY AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS. This activity requires frequently checking your phone screen while also watching for cars, bicycles, and other pedestrians. The hunt requires multiple street crossings, walking in one parking lot, and using the multi-use Yampa River Core Trail (including bridges across the Yampa River). This activity is intended for families or adults to play as a group. Please supervise children.

To play: (click green text to link to more details)

  1. Install the free Locandy app onto your smartphone from your phone’s app store. Tip: Complete steps #1-2 while still connected to WiFi.
    Find Locandy on: Google Play | Apple’s App Store (Must access these links from your phone.)
  2. Search for “Strings” and select the Strings Music Festival Walking Scavenger Hunt. When prompted, download and install the hunt.
  3. Make sure you enable cellular data for the Locandy app. The activity requires a very small amount of data but please note your service provider may charge fees for use.
  4. Head to downtown Steamboat Springs, Little Toots Park (on the corner of 12th and Yampa streets) and begin!

Strings is proud to partner with Lyon’s Corner Drug for the Strings Family Musical Scavenger Hunt and recognize special places in Steamboat Springs.

Special Thanks to these Community Partners who make Steamboat Springs and Routt County such a wonderful place to live and visit.

  • Bud Werner Memorial Library
  • City of Steamboat Springs
  • Historic Routt County
  • Perry-Mansfield Performing Arts School and Camp
  • Routt County
  • Routt County Search and Rescue
  • Steamboat Art Museum
  • Steamboat Creates
  • Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club
  • Steamboat Art Museum
Lyons Drug

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the scavenger hunt take?
Please plan on about an hour and a half to complete the scavenger hunt for teens and adults and up to two and a half hours if you are adventuring with younger children. The scavenger hunt is about 2 miles throughout downtown Steamboat Springs and will take you on the Core Trail and sidewalks to very special and often historic places with fun clues, trivia, and musical “rewards” along the way. There’s a prize at the end!

What ages can take part?
This scavenger hunt is ideal for families with children ages 8-14, adults, and groups of friends. We recommend you walk this scavenger hunt instead of biking so you can easily follow the clues in the app.

Is this activity accessible for people with disabilities? May we use strollers?
Yes, the Core Trail and sidewalks are ADA accessible and strollers are common.

Do I have to pay for the app?
No, Locandy is a free app that you can download from the app store on your phone.

How do I find the scavenger hunt on Locandy?
Within the Locandy app, search for Strings. The first result should be Strings Music Festival Walking Scavenger Hunt.

What setting should my phone be on?
Make sure that your phone allows the Locandy app to use cellular data. Although you can download the hunt at home or somewhere else with a WiFi connection, cellular data needs to be enabled so the compass works within the app.

The compass is acting weird!
The Locandy compass is digital and doesn’t work like a magnetic compass because it is GPS-based. We recommend you hold your phone flat like a conventional magnetic compass. However, if you find that your direction is not always clear, you may get a better read with some devices by holding the phone vertically.

Can I stop the scavenger hunt and start it again another day?
Yes. If you want to stop at a certain clue, simply close out of the app. Next time you want to play, open the app again and it will start you back at the same clue you stopped at before.

I don’t want to answer all of the questions. Can I just go from place to place?
Yes. Instead of answering the questions, scroll to the bottom right corner of your screen and click the blue “Next” question. The questions are not mandatory.

I’m stuck and want to skip a stop. How do I do that?
Simply hit “Skip” and you will be taken to the next clue in the sequence. Or click on the menu icon at the top right and select a different stop. Please be aware that the distance estimate will be off, as the distances are only marked between clues.

Are there bathroom stops on the hunt?
Yes. There are two different public bathrooms on the musical scavenger hunt route. One is between clues #2-3 and the other is near clues #7-8-9.

Where should I park my car?
We recommend you park your car on 11th Street near Little Toots Park or along Yampa Street between 9th Street and 11th Street. There’s also a small municipal surface parking lot near 8th and Yampa Streets adjacent to Backdoor Sports.

Does the scavenger hunt take place on sidewalks?
The entire musical scavenger hunt takes place on the Yampa River Core Trail and sidewalks. There is one section where you will be walking through a parking lot. Please take care crossing the street and be aware of your surroundings. The scavenger hunt requires crossing traffic several times. Please use crosswalks, follow traffic signals, stay on the correct side of the Core Trail, and be careful on crowded sidewalks since the Core Trail is used by both bikers and walkers.