How can I help?


Thank you for asking! Your contributions to Strings are as valuable to us now as ever. Support from people like you is helping us weather a crisis like COVID-19, continue to provide programs that bring the joys and benefits of music and the arts to our community, and plan for the future. There are many [...]

How can I help?2021-02-18T12:18:52-07:00

Are you offering online content?


You bet! We are curating riveting performances and educational material from 34 years of Strings performers. Find a selection on our website (here). We'll continue sharing: Sign up for our emails to receive new links once or twice a month.

Are you offering online content?2021-04-26T12:57:10-06:00

Have your refund policies changed?


Yes. We have launched new temporary ticketing policies that will be in effect for events for the near future. Our policies are largely the same, but for canceled or postponed shows throughout the pandemic, they now include an option to receive a credit toward future performances. Our updated temporary policies also offer patrons the opportunity [...]

Have your refund policies changed?2021-08-06T16:21:34-06:00
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