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Join Carl Steidtmann, Shakespeare scholar and leader of the library’s Shakespeare Reading Group, for a virtual presentation and discussion on The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark before you head over to Strings Music Festival for the performance of Hotel Elsinore on October 20. Carl’s talk will be live streamed via our Crowdcast platform, and recorded for your ongoing review in the month leading up to the play at Strings.

Hamlet is Shakespeare’s longest, most quoted, and greatest play. It grapples with ghosts, regicide, revenge, suicide, and the consequences of procrastination. It portrays corruption, power, friendship, love, and death. It probes the lines between damnation and salvation; honor and disgrace; imagination and reality; and free will and destiny. And unlike any other play, it contains Shakespeare’s views on acting and the role of theater in politics.

For more information, please visit https://steamboatlibrary.org/events/hamlet-primer

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