Tchaikovskys in Training

Elementary school students stand up while watching JazzReach's Metta Quintet.

Elementary school students stand up while watching JazzReach’s Metta Quintet at the Strings Music Pavilion.


WHAT: Pavilion Matinees for Elementary School Students with preshow materials

WHEN: Autumn


  • “Musical Notes” preshow, educational study guide for each student
  • 1 in-school workshop (if available)
  • Field trip to the Strings Pavilion for a matinee performance


2016-2017 ARTISTS
World Music Band Todo Mundo & the Ivy Street Ensemble

Todo Mundo

Ivy Street Ensemble – Fifth movement, Prelude from Manmade Media Studio on Vimeo.


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*please RSVP to if it is two weeks or less to the show*

If you are a music teacher interested in becoming an Education Partner with Strings Music Festival, email We look forward to making music with you!

The name for this program is inspired by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, the popular Russian composer. Tchaikovsky’s work introduces many people to classical music through his picturesque, sweeping melodies in works like The Nutcracker and Sleeping Beauty.