Mark Gould Principal Trumpet, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra (Retired)
John Macfarlane Assistant Principal Second Violin, Lyric Opera Chicago Orchestra
Michael Sachs Principal Trumpet, The Cleveland Orchestra
Loras John Schissel Senior Musicologist, Library of Congress/Conductor, Blossom Festival Band


Laura Albers Associate Concertmaster, San Francisco Opera Orchestra
Nurit Bar-Josef Concertmaster, National Symphony Orchestra
Marie Berard Concertmaster, Canadian Opera Company
Katherine Bormann The Cleveland Orchestra
Martin Chalifour Concertmaster, Los Angeles Philharmonic
Diana Cohen Concertmaster, Calgary Philharmonic
Ellen dePasquale Former Assoc. Concertmaster, The Cleveland Orchestra
Bruno Eicher Assistant Concertmaster, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra
Joel Fuller National Symphony Orchestra
Vijay Gupta Los Angeles Philharmonic
Myroslava Ivanchenko-Bartels Colorado Symphony
Johnny Lee Los Angeles Philharmonic
Jun-Ching Lin Assistant Concertmaster, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
John Macfarlane Assistant Principal Second Violin, Lyric Opera Chicago Orchestra
Jeanelle Mossburg Extra- The Cleveland Orchestra
Ellen Pendleton Troyer Baltimore Symphony
Meredith Riley Violin, Kamila String Quartet
Claude Sim Associate Concertmaster, Colorado Symphony
Scott Weber The Cleveland Orchestra
Anya Wilkening Violin, Kamila String Quartet
Nancy Wu Associate Concertmaster, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra
Jeffrey Zehngut The Cleveland Orchestra
Chee-Yun Violin Soloist and Chamber Musician/Professor of Violin, Southern Methodist University


Wesley Collins Principal Viola, The Cleveland Orchestra
Paul Murphy Associate Principal Viola, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
Lynne Ramsey First Assistant Principal Viola, The Cleveland Orchestra
Kathryn Sievers Extra- Boston Symphony Orchestra, The Cleveland Orchestra
Gabrielle Skinner Viola, Kamila String Quartet
Will Bender Extra- The Cleveland Orchestra
Mark Jackobs The Cleveland Orchestra
Joanna Patterson-Zakany The Cleveland Orchestra
Yizhak Schotten Former Strings Music Director


Julie Albers Principal Cello, Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra
Kari Jane Docter Metropolitan Opera Orchestra
Tanya Ell The Cleveland Orchestra
Austin Fisher Principal Cello, Colorado Symphony
Barry Gold Los Angeles Philharmonic
Anne Martindale Williams Principal Cello, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
Joel Noyes Assistant Principal Cello, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra
David Rosen Louisiana Philharmonic
Patricia Ryan Cello, Kamila String Quartet
John Sant’Ambrogio Former Principal Cello of the St. Louis Symphony, Former Strings Music Director
Sara Sant’Ambrogio Cello Soloist and Chamber Musician/Eroica Trio


Owen Levine Bass, Colorado Symphony
Leigh Mesh Associate Principal Bass, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra
Timothy Pitts Bass Professor, Rice University/former Principal Bass, Houston Symphony


Christina Smith Principal Flute, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra


Elizabeth Koch Tiscione Principal Oboe, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
Michele Tosser Smith Second Oboe, Toledo Symphony
Catherine Weinfield Florida Grand Opera Orchestra, Extra- The Cleveland Orchestra


Jonathan Cohen St. Paul Chamber Orchestra
Mark Nuccio Principal Clarinet, Houston Symphony


Pete Lewis Denver area freelancer
Tom Myer Saxophone Professor, University of Colorado at Boulder
Wil Swindler Denver area freelancer


Chris Castellanos Horn, Boston Brass
Angela Cordell Bilger Acting Fourth Horn, Philadelphia Orchestra
Richard King Fourth Horn, The Cleveland Orchestra (former Principal)
Jennifer Montone Principal Horn, Philadelphia Orchestra
Joshua Phillips Fourth Horn, Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra
Julia Pilant Assistant Principal Horn, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra
Eric Reed Horn, American Brass Quintet
Gail Williams Horn Professor, Northwestern University/former Associate Principal Horn, Chicago Symphony Orchestra


David Bilger Principal Trumpet, Philadelphia Orchestra
Jeff Conner Trumpet, Boston Brass
Conrad Jones Principal Trumpet, Indianapolis Symphony
Travis Peterson Principal Trumpet, Utah Symphony
John Rommel Professor of Trumpet, Indiana University/former Principal Trumpet, Louisville Symphony
Michael Sachs Strings Music Director, Principal Trumpet, The Cleveland Orchestra
Jose Sibaja Trumpet, Boston Brass
Scott Thornburg Professor of Trumpet, Western Michigan University
Michael Tiscione Second Trumpet, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra


Mark H. Lawrence Trombone Professor, Colburn School (former Principal San Francisco Symphony)
Alex Iles Los Angeles Studio Musician
Domingo Pagliuca Trombone, Boston Brass
R. Douglas Wright Principal Trombone, Minnesota Orchestra
Ko-ichero Yamamoto Principal Trombone, Seattle Symphony


Randall Hawes Bass Trombone, Detroit Symphony Orchestra



Adam Frey Euphonium Soloist/Professor of Euphonium, Georgia State and Emory University


James E. Jenkins Principal Tuba, Jacksonville Symphony
Sam Pilafian Tuba, Boston Brass/founding member- Empire Brass Quintet


Jeremy Epp Principal Timpani, Detroit Symphony Orchestra


Peter Flamm Principal Timpani, San Antonio Symphony
Vadim Karpinos Assistant Principal Timpani, Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Charles Settle Principal Percussion, Toronto Symphony
Joseph Tompkins Extra- New York Philharmonic
Kevin Watkins Percussion, Minnesota Orchestra


Wendy Chen Piano Soloist and Chamber Musician
Katherine Collier Former Strings Music Director
David Deveau Music Director, Rockport Music Festival
Gavin Martin Piano Soloist and Chamber Musician
Anne-Marie McDermott Music Director, Bravo Vail Festival/Piano Soloist and Chamber Musician
Alicja Basinska Piano Faculty, Cleveland Institute of Music



Joela Jones Principal Keyboards, The Cleveland Orchestra


Colin Davin  Soloist; Faculty, Cleveland Institute of Music and Baldwin Wallace University Conservatory of Music


Arranger / 30th Anniversary Fanfare Composer

Timothy Higgins Principal Trombone, San Francisco Symphony


Special Guest Performer

Verne Lundquist Legendary Sports Broadcaster/Strings Festival Board Member