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Last week, our signature education program Mozart Masters completed for the 2015-2016 school year. It was an amazing two weeks here at the pavilion for the rehearsals and concerts – but even more so, an amazing five months of mentorship and learning for the students (and the Strings staff, too! We can always learn new things). Here’s what happened:


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3     amazing music teachers in the Yampa Valley Schools: Jim Knapp, Mary Ann Fairlie, John Bolton

8  pizzas for hungry music students from Moffat County High School

8  songs performed by students with their mentors

7  songs were learned without sheet music!

10  professional musician mentors: Trout Steak Revival: Bevin Foley, Steve Foltz, Casey Houlihan, Will Koster, Travis McNamara;The Railsplitters: Christine King, Dusty Rider, Peter Sharpe, Lauren Stovall, Leslie Ziegler

2016_SSD_Emerald Mtn_219  workshops and rehearsals run by mentor musicians

25  videos sent by musicians to classrooms over five months

233  student musicians performed on the Strings stage

282  student musicians participated in workshops

400  students attended a field trip to watch their peers at the pavilion

741  Community Members watched the free concerts with student performances and countless school administrators supported this program!

It was an incredible five months of intense mentorship, learning bluegrass techniques and styles, and professional artistry in the classroom. Thank you, Trout Steak Revival and The Railsplitters, and a huge thank you to our supporters in the community! Stay tuned for next year.


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Posted on April 4, 2016
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