By Steve Chambers
Production Director at Strings Music Festival

The Holiday Season is upon us!   Thanksgiving is over, the mountain is open, and we at Strings Music Festival are gearing up for our Holiday Shows.   The Story Pirates will be returning on December 20 for two performances. If you are not familiar with the Story Pirates, they are an improv comedy troop that has headquarters in both Los Angeles and Manhattan. They have become renowned for their model of employing stories written by actual children into hilarious musical comedy skits.   I can attest to the reality of ‘actual children’s stories’ because I was tasked along with a few others from the Strings’ staff and the Chief Improv players to GET those stories. We headed to the Boys and Girls Club one afternoon with the intention of leading games and exercises that were designed to invigorate the kids’ creativity prior to explaining the writing topics and having them actually begin to write.


To be honest, nearly one hundred children ranging in age from 6-12 packed into a gymnasium are hardly in need of invigoration. Hidden camera footage of that ordeal could have been a Holiday show on its own… however, it was successful and over ninety stories written by Steamboat children were scanned off to L.A. last month for the Story Pirates to begin building their show. The Story Pirates have already responded and are thrilled with the material our Steamboat kids supplied. Talking with the Pirates themselves and others who have seen their shows in the past, I can guarantee that this will be a hilarious day for both adults and children (think present day Pixar or old school Bugs Bunny). Tickets are still available for both the matinee and evening show. Hope to see you there!
Story Pirates 1

Upcoming Concerts at Strings Music Pavilion
December 20:  The Story Pirates
December 22: A Celtic Christmas
January 22: DeadPhish Orchestra

January 30:  Cliburn Pianist
March 5: Del McCoury and David Grisman

Posted on December 1, 2015
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