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We want to share a few of our staffers “favorite things” just in time for the holiday season. Everything can be purchased locally right here in Steamboat Springs!


 Four Points BloodyKatie Carroll, Director of Artistic Administration & Education
My fa
vorite thing at the holidays is rereading The Polar Express.  I love that book and the idea that magic still exists in the every day! Believe! (cue Josh Groban).
I also love the Four Points Bloody Mary. Nothing beats an end-of-day drink at the lodge before heading down the hill for the last time. Put $15 on your friend’s pass for the next powder day! 



Erin Walker, Development Director
I love Ranch Organics Harvest Barn Balm, and every other product they make!   Ranch Organics was featured at the store Anthropolog
ie and in celebrity gift bags for major award shows.  We’re so lucky it’s made locally in the Elk River Valley, hence the moniker “Ranch to Tub.” Steamboat Coffee & Tea Co. is a local business we are so lucky to have!  Not only do they already have great roasts available, you can meet with owner John Kuhn and create your own roast!



Cristin Frey, Marketing Director
I recently discovered the macaroons from Elevated Olive and I bring them as a hostess gifts to holiday parties. They are incredible! If money is no object, you can’t beat a day with Steamboat Powdercats. Aim for a February date and pray for powder.


Leslie Morace, Finance Director
You can’t go wring with something from Yampa Valley Farms. It’s delicious, healthy, local and they even sell bacon!
To counter balance the bacon, Kristin Stevenson is a fabulous Pilate’s instructor at the Steamboat Pilates Studio and they sell gift cards. She knows exactly what to do for your body and she cares!


092612_TonightShow2_t670Elissa Greene, Executive Director
I love Daniela’s chocolates from the Homesteader. I buy this for all my out-of-town relatives. I especially love their toffee!
Who doesn’t love Smartwool products in Steamboat? This is another of my family’s favorites, I send socks, hats, gloves, you name it!



Noah Hendricks, IT Manager & Audio Engineer
I’m a big fan of Smartwool, of course, for their outstanding lineup of keep-you-warm wool products.  Also, Cowboys and Indians for their amazing selection of Native-inspired rugs.


Dustin Bergstrom, Box Office Manager
Harwig’s gift certificates! By far the best food in town accompanied by $7 Grey Goose martinis (plural), nuff said.  Head over to Steamboat Powersports and buy yourself a brand new Harley Davidson, because it’s a Harley Davidson. 



Steve Chambers, Production Director
A Cafe Diva gift certificate, any reason to eat there is a GREAT reason. And Central Park Liquor gift certificates…the gift that keeps on giving….and its never the wrong size.




Posted on December 18, 2015
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By Noah Hendricks
Audio Engineer at Strings Music Festival


On a recent trip eastward, I spent time with family in a way many city folk do: shopping. While my mother and sister ventured through an endless cosmos of linens and bathroom peripherals, my father and I veered starboard to the bookstore. Through the islands of best sellers and political propaganda, I sought the multimedia section, where I found myself stunned.

A room once loaded with plastic trays, headphones hardwired to song samplers, and a selection so bountiful you could barely find what you thought to buy, large album covers now sprawled. Gloomy or gorgeous, depending on your stance,  canvases were twelve inches across, relatively the size of a billboard. Barnes and Noble, the largest retail bookseller in the United States, ditched its compact discs for vinyl records.

According to Digital Trends, 2014 was the first time in twenty years for vinyl sales to cross the nine million mark (9.2!). In 2015, statistics say that number may be even bigger. The top seller of 2015? Taylor Swift’s Grammy-nominated 1989. (Well, of course, until Adele inevitably stole the spotlight with a reprise tale of an ex-boyfriend). But Swift, 26, must be speaking to her peers. Coincidentally, I, almost-26, recently purchased an Audio Technica LP-60 turntable, and with no other way made a duct tape shoulder strap to bike my new toy home.

The debates between analog and digital formats will never end. Maybe that’s because comparing the two is like trying to equate a painter’s brush to a dot-matrix printer. Regardless, audio engineers cherish the character of analog circuits, and in modern days we savor them through downloadable software plug-ins. These mimic effects like reel-to-reel tape saturation and optical dynamics compression to get the rare, vibrant nature of hardware without the need to patch cables and manually restore settings. Even the hard drives containing a career’s journey through downloads have ditched their moving parts for new solid-state chips that provide instant gratification. What has never been up for debate is the ritual. Putting on a record is much more involved than choosing a hot beat via “workout” radio on Spotify.

So, if you had an album in mind, perhaps you should check if it’s being printed to vinyl. Unsurprisingly, all five 2016 Album of the Year Grammy nominations are available on vinyl. As for the season, one might suggest Pentatonix’s That’s Christmas to Me, or maybe the now-classic Mariah Carey’s Merry Christmas. No matter which you choose, consider giving one as a somewhat agonizing gift; if you find it opened by the stereo, you’ll know the time they spent. For you, finding vinyl might be easier than you think.

Upcoming Concerts at Strings Music Pavilion
December 20:  The Story Pirates
December 22: A Celtic Christmas
January 22: DeadPhish Orchestra
January 30:  Cliburn Pianist
March 5: Del McCoury and David Grisman

Posted on December 16, 2015
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By Steve Chambers
Production Director at Strings Music Festival

The Holiday Season is upon us!   Thanksgiving is over, the mountain is open, and we at Strings Music Festival are gearing up for our Holiday Shows.   The Story Pirates will be returning on December 20 for two performances. If you are not familiar with the Story Pirates, they are an improv comedy troop that has headquarters in both Los Angeles and Manhattan. They have become renowned for their model of employing stories written by actual children into hilarious musical comedy skits.   I can attest to the reality of ‘actual children’s stories’ because I was tasked along with a few others from the Strings’ staff and the Chief Improv players to GET those stories. We headed to the Boys and Girls Club one afternoon with the intention of leading games and exercises that were designed to invigorate the kids’ creativity prior to explaining the writing topics and having them actually begin to write.


To be honest, nearly one hundred children ranging in age from 6-12 packed into a gymnasium are hardly in need of invigoration. Hidden camera footage of that ordeal could have been a Holiday show on its own… however, it was successful and over ninety stories written by Steamboat children were scanned off to L.A. last month for the Story Pirates to begin building their show. The Story Pirates have already responded and are thrilled with the material our Steamboat kids supplied. Talking with the Pirates themselves and others who have seen their shows in the past, I can guarantee that this will be a hilarious day for both adults and children (think present day Pixar or old school Bugs Bunny). Tickets are still available for both the matinee and evening show. Hope to see you there!
Story Pirates 1

Upcoming Concerts at Strings Music Pavilion
December 20:  The Story Pirates
December 22: A Celtic Christmas
January 22: DeadPhish Orchestra

January 30:  Cliburn Pianist
March 5: Del McCoury and David Grisman

Posted on December 1, 2015
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