Trout Steak Revival

Trout Steak Revival

10 Cool Facts About Trout Steak Revival

1. Guitar player Steve Foltz plays the piano, tuba, fiddle, harmonica and the  ukulele – which he tried to play left-handed first.

2. Trout Steak Revival won an Emmy in 2013 for their soundtrack on “Great  Ingredients,” a PBS Documentary on food in northern Colorado and the Western slope. Yum!

3. Del McCoury on XMRadio’s Bluegrass really, really wants to know where their name comes from. Travis McNamara explained in an interview once that other bandmates went fishing up in the Sawakeen range, but didn’t bring food – just the toppings for the fish they were going to catch, plus whiskey. Well it rained the whole time, and there was whiskey, so you know a lot of great ideas came out of that trip.

4. They care about local merchants. Check out Brad Sondahl, a potter and banjo player they met in Spirit Lake, ID – guess the Trout Steak guys just love art (well, duh!).

5. Travis McNamara, Will Koster, and Casey Houlihan first started playing together as counselors at Camp Henry in Michigan. Sorry we can’t put in a fire pit, guys.

6. McNamara was the original mandolinist, then switched when Foltz decided to play mandolin. McNamara picked up the banjo and the Houlihan left the banjo for the bass. McNamara actually plays 8 instruments. The band is full of musical wizards.

7. Trout Steak Revival took part in Aspen’s “Gondola Sessions.” Instead of plugging in the iPod, they carried their instruments up the gondi and serenaded anyone within hearing distance … hopefully more than just the cameraperson.

8. They don’t eat trout everyday.

Posted on June 1, 2015
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