By Valerie Powell

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This week’s song of the week is my own personal favorite song of summer 2013. “Cruise” by Florida Georgia Line captures the essence of a totally carefree summer, where the only plan of the day is to hang around outside and take the truck for a drive.

“Cruise” was released on August 6, 2012 and quickly climbed the country charts. On February 19, 2013 Nelly released his single “Hey Porsche” which could be the sister song to “Cruise.” Because of the similarities in the two songs, Nelly even put in a little teaser of “Cruise” at the end of the “Hey Porsche” music video. Nelly then collaborated with Florida Georgia Line to make the “Cruise Remix,” which was released on April 2, 2013. The remix then cruised right to the #4 spot on Billboard’s Top 100.

I frequently blog about songs that cross genres, but I haven’t yet come across a country and rap/hip hop combination, and I think it’s genius. It’s one of those ideas that sounds like it would never work, but once the song is produced it feels completely natural. For artists aiming for top hits, it’s also a smart career move. Country and hip hop are one of the two most popular genres at the moment, so if the song draws people from both genres it is effectively doubling the audience size, almost guaranteeing a top hit.

Not surprisingly “Hey Porsche” was also on my most played song list this summer. I’ve included all three videos here.

Posted on August 9, 2013
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