“A sensational, saucy singer and superb pianist… where Texas stomp-rock and Louisiana blues-swamp meet” – USA Today

Marcia Ball

Since the age of five, Marcia Ball has put her fingers to the keys to bring her Texas heritage and Louisiana upbringing together into one musical sound. She took up the piano because her aunt had a piano, her grandmother had a piano and friends had pianos. The piano was a gathering place for friends and family and Marcia Ball knew she was next to learn to play.

Along the way she began to sing and develop her own sound that transformed her into a successful blues musician. She says, “My piano playing supports my singing and—to about the same extent—my singing supports my piano playing. I’m actually used to doing both at the same time and I lean on one to support the other. Basically, what I say is, I sing well enough to accompany my playing and I play well enough to accompany my singing.”

Her newest album Roadside Attractions is her 15th solo album, and her long musical history is apparent. She tells Chicago Blues Guide, “It’s pretty autobiographical. The songs might not be totally true, but it could have happened like that. That’s what writing is. It’s just somebody’s version of the truth. So I guess the album is my version of the truth.” 


Contemporary Female Vocalist of the Year
Five-time Best Blues Instrumentalist-Keyboards
Two-time Contemporary Blues Album of the Year
Contemporary Blues Artist of the Year-Female

Grammy Nominations
Sing It!
So Many Rivers
Live! Down The Road
Peace, Love & BBQ

Marcia Ball Live in Steamboat Springs
Marcia Ball will perform a romantic Valentine’s Day Concert at the Strings Music Pavilion on Thursday, February 14. Order tickets online or by calling the Box Office (970) 879-5056 x 105.

Posted on February 6, 2013
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