When I’m out in a city rich with culture, I see many street serenaders. Usually they play the drums or guitar, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a piano out in a park. I may have seen someone playing a keyboard once or twice, but never a piano.

Marcia Ball’s video “That’s How It Goes” reveals the piano as a street instrument. The video features half a dozen different scenes, each with a brightly painted piano. I’ve never thought of piano music with a bicycle pump track in the background or people out exercising at a park and stopping to listen. As a piano player myself, I found it inspiring to see the piano out of the concert hall setting.

The comments about the video also mention that Marcia Ball did a live recording at each different site, rather than record in the studio and lip sync for the video. This gives the video an authentic feel, as if you are one of the people who just happened to stroll by while she was playing.

Marcia Ball will perform a live concert at the Strings Music Pavilion on Thursday, February 14. Buy your tickets today!

Posted on February 8, 2013
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