Today the newest James Bond movie Skyfall hits the cinemas. Along with the infamous Bond girls, another trademark of the popular film series is the theme song and accompanying introduction graphics. This newest film features Adele who made it to the top of my 2011 female artist list. The music video was released a month ago and after Adele’s success at the Grammy’s the world was anxious for a taste of her next album.

Adele weaves the 007 theme music into Skyfall, managing to retain her musical style while checking all the boxes for a James Bond title songtrack. This song is noticeably darker than some of her others, but the raw emotional content which has brought her so many fans is unchanged. We also get a glimpse of Adele’s new clear voice, which is a result of a new vocal technique to avoid future vocal cord surgeries.

Posted on November 9, 2012
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