Buffalo Pass in Steamboat Springs – Sept 2012
Photo Credit: Brian Ferguson/Steamboat Pilot
Steamboat Springs is bright gold with all of the aspen trees turning colors. Cold nights and little wind have preserved these colors for more than a week. But every day more and more leaves cover the trails and paths and soon the trees will be naked for winter.
To accompany the beautiful fall colors I chose an equally beautiful song that also brings the fall season to mind.
Eva Cassidy – “Fields of Gold”
Not only do the lyrics “fields of gold” describe the colors of changing leaves, but the music itself contributes to the overall autumn feeling. The slow tempo and mournful lyrics give the song a reflective tone. So often the changing of the seasons acts as a metaphor for changes in our lives. Fall and spring seem to be times of reflection and re-evaluation for many, and this song certainly embodies that feeling. 
Posted on September 21, 2012
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