You know that a song or a genre or an artist has hit the mainstream if you suddenly see it in a TV ad. This ad below for the Microsoft Surface tablet uses a song from the latest genre craze: dubstep.

Originating in the U.K., dubstep was the ultimate genre pushing experiment at the time. It gets its name from combining two genres: dub and 2-step garage. Now more than 10 years later, dubstep has come out of the dark garages and into clubs all around the world.
It’s one of those genres that you really have to hear to understand. Dubstep songs have few vocals and are made with electronic mixing. Some like to describe it as “womp” music, due to the use of an effects pedal that makes it sounds like you’re stuck in some sort of cyber tunnel with endless echoes and vibration.
But if you’re looking for the best description of dubstep, or anything really, just ask the kids. Labeled as “alien” and “robot” music with their own interpretations of the sound, these kids manage to sum up dubstep in six minutes. Check out the video below.

I find it quite canny that one girl says that dubstep “sounds like the last name of a British person,” considering its origins. Another kid also says quite confidently, “everybody dubsteps.”
Turns out he’s right. On a quick stroll through YouTube.com (which if I just type in the single letter d, dubstep is the second choice to pop up) I found everything from violin dubstep to Taylor Swift’s announcement of dubstep on her new album Red. Check out other people who dubstep in the videos below.
Everybody Dubsteps
Classical Violinists:


Justin Bieber: 


And if you’re still not feeling quite connected to dubstep, you may relate more to the feelings expressed in this video.

Posted on September 27, 2012
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