David Deveau – 22 Seasons with Strings Music Festival

Many of our audience members have seen all 25 years of Strings’ concerts, but what you may not know, is that some of our artists have been here just as long! Thirteen musicians have returned to Strings for more than half of the years the festival has been in existence. Below you can find out who they are, how long they’ve been here, when they first performed, and when they’re performing this year.  

Ken Greene, 24 seasons, 1988 (June 23July 28)
David Deveau, 22 seasons, 1990 (July 28)
Andrés Cárdenes, 21 seasons, 1992 (June 23August 4)
Anne Martindale Williams, 18 seasons, 1992 (August 1, August4)
David Hardy, 17 seasons, 1994 (July 28August 4)
William VerMeulen, 17 seasons, 1994 (June 23, June 27)
Mark Nuccio, 16 seasons, 1995 (July 7, August 1)
Katherine Collier, 15 seasons, 1994
Yizhak Schotten, 15 seasons, 1994
Cary Lewis, 14 seasons, 1994
Sylvia VerMeulen, 13 seasons, 1996 (June 23)
Debra Ellet-Holland, 13 seasons, 1997
Brent Rowan, 13 seasons, 2000 (July 6)
For more live music in Steamboat Springs, visit the Strings Music Festival website.

Posted on June 29, 2012
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