“I love going where I’m not supposed to go. I love being the underdog. I love feeling like I’m starting at square zero again. I thrive on it.” –k.d. lang


k.d. lang has explored it all from country, to pop, to rock, and back to country again. She’s performed solo and with a band, recorded her own original songs, produced albums, and interpreted unforgettable covers, including Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” at the Olympics Opening Ceremony in Vancouver, British Columbia. One might say she’s the ultimate music Renaissance Woman.  

While many musicians begin as a singer and then switch to the role of songwriter, k.d. lang moves easily between the two. She explains how she does it to Out and About Newspaper: “My main instrument is being a vocalist, so I just enjoy going back and forth between being a songwriter and being an interpreter. As a writer, there’s such an emotional connection to the song that’s innate and it’s something where you know something so intimately. As an interpreter, the palate is way more open and there’s more subtext to play with, so that can be interesting.”

Sing It Loud

It’s easy to hear lang’s emotional and intimate connection to her songs in her newest album, Sing It Loud.  She recruited a band called “The Siss Boom Bang” to explore a new sound which relates both to rock ‘n roll and country.  

When speaking about the album, lang describes how she developed a new sound: “It was a big learning curve for me because it was a lot more rock and a lot more electric guitar than I was used to playing with, and a lot of it is live off the floor. So, it’s just reactionary, natural, instinctual singing, which is what I do best, really. I think when I’m on stage, that’s when I feel most comfortable, when I’m reacting to the moment, and that’s what we were able to capture.” 

While the album weaves in and out of different genres and styles, lang’s expressive voice is the thread that connects all the songs together. Powerful and tender, sweet and longing, k.d. lang pulls the audience up on stage to experience an emotional journey first hand. 

Best Country Vocal Collaboration – “Crying”
Best Female Country Vocal Performance – “Absolute Torch and Twang”
Best Female Pop Vocal Performance – “Constant Craving”
Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album – A Wonderful World

Live Music in Steamboat – k.d. lang
k.d. lang will play at the Strings Music Pavilion on Friday August 3rd. Tickets on sale now! Order tickets online or by calling the Box Office (970) 879-5056 x 105.

Posted on March 21, 2012
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