Different Tempo:  dif▪fer▪ent  tem▪po, noun

A rate of movement or music that is not alike in character or quality; dissimilar. Often, a non-classical concert.

Strings Music Festival coined the phrase Different Tempo to classify all non-classical concerts. Music at these concerts has ranged from jazz to blues, theatre to opera, country to folk, and rock to pop. Each season a variety of artists is presented to appeal to many tastes in music.

Strings Program Book – Different Tempo Series – 1994
Different Tempo Series History

1990: Leo Kottke and Karla Bonoff were the first non-classical musicians to hold concerts at Strings.
1994: The Different Tempo Series was born. Performers included Free Flight, Edgar Meyer, and Mark O’Connor.

1995: The Different Tempo Series moved to Friday nights.

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