“For the first season of Strings in the Mountains, we planned a series of eight concerts to run throughout July 1988; four short Wednesday concerts on the deck of the Steamboat Athletic Club and four regular length chamber music concerts on Saturday nights in the conference room of the Athletic Club. We hoped for a total of 200 people to attend all eight concerts. An hour before the first concert was to begin on Wednesday evening, hoping that someone would attend, we walked out the front doors and were startled by a what seemed to be an endless line of people waiting to get in. In a panic we quickly scavenged the entire building, grabbing every chair or stool in every room to accommodate all the enthusiastic people who had come to experience the first concert of Strings in the Mountains! When we ran out of seating on the deck, we expanded into the conference room and restaurant and even removed windows to let the audience seated inside hear the music. The weather was spectacular, the concert was wonderful and Strings was launched.” Betse Grassby – Strings Music Festival Operations and Programming Director

Who knew that this first concert 25 years ago would evolve into a staple of summertime in Steamboat Springs. To celebrate Strings Music Festival’s 25th birthday, we’re going to bring you fun facts and memories of Strings every Friday. Have a memory you’d like to share? Post it here on our blog or email it to cristin@stringsmusicfestival.com.

Posted on October 14, 2011
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