Quirky musicians are as much a part of Strings Music Festival as the music that they play.

We try to prepare for everyone’s needs with our abundance of supplies backstage. We have bobby pins, lint rollers, band-aids, make-up, and anything else you could think of to help beautify before a concert. We also know that mysterious holes develop in bags and socks, jackets, and ties disappear, so we’ve got extras of those too. For our musicians who forget to eat before they come, we’ve also got chocolate, nuts, trail mix, mints, and other snacks. But sometimes we just can’t guess what our artists will want.

Pam Geppert’s favorite Strings Memory is when the Avett Brothers requested peanut butter, jelly, and milk for their backstage food. I guess Moms know what’s up when they send their kids off to school with the PB&J lunch. If it’s good enough for the Avett Brothers, it’s good enough for you!

What else do you remember about our musicians? Post it here on our blog or email it to cristin@stringsmusicfestival.com.

Posted on October 21, 2011
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